Stephen Mayes talks Photography

Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences

Pete Brook talks to Stephen Mayes.

The way we relate to imagery is changing,” says Mayes, who thinks the pace of change is astonishing. Fortune magazine reported in September 2012 that “10% of all photos ever taken were shot in 2011.” That same month, Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram, just shy of two-years in existence, passed the 100 million users. Instagram users, who are signing up a rate of one per second, have taken over one billion images with the app. Such frenzied activity will account for some but not all of of the 250 million images uploaded to Facebook every day.

Mayes suggests that comparing this new fluid image to the old fixed image is like calling an automobile a horseless carriage. We’re trying to define the new in terms of the old to the detriment of understanding its potential and unique attributes. Wired sat down with Mayes to talk about connectedness, professional use of filter apps, facial recognition and monetizing Instagram.”

Read the full article and Q&A with Mayes via WIRED.

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