EYEBOOK: Sixty Artists. One Subject. Jenny Lynn

Eighteen39 featured photographer Jenny Lynn recently got in touch to share her latest project:

EYEBOOK: Sixty Artists. One Subject.

EyeBook: Sixty Artists. One Subject. A fascinating collection of remarkable works about the eye in art by historic and contemporary artists from the famous to the lesser-known are brought together in one striking volume. Arranged chronologically, the book features an exciting mix of painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and architecture, ranging from the sensual and surreal to the abstract, expressionistic and humorous. Crisp, concise quotes by noted authors and thinkers about vision, seeing, and the eye appear throughout”

Due to the current climate of publishing constraints Jenny has decided to organise a crowdfund via Kickstarter to see EYEBOOK into completion. I’d like to urge everyone to take a look at this project, which will feature a plethora of talented photographers and artists; a collection quite evocative and meditative, as well as a wonderful source of inspiration.

Jenny Lynn, Eye, 1982. Unique SX-70 Polaroid photograph

Gabriella Imperatori-Penn, 1987. Le Rêve (The Dream), Gelatin Silver Print toned

Bobbe Besold, Eye Contact, 1979. Gelatin Silver Print toned

David Seltzer, Urgent, 1997. Gelatin Silver print etched negative, oil stick

Alan Rath, Mini Watcher, 2005. Wood, glass, PVC, custom electronics, LCDs

Thanks for sharing your project with us, Jenny, and good luck!

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