The first post in a couple of weeks; I do apologise for not keeping the site updated since my return from travelling India. Unfortunately a bout of food poisoning coupled with a nasty mystery virus saw me unfit for anything but sleep since mid-August.

But – all recovered now – so here are a few promised snapshots from my travels of Northern India. An incredible place, full of an overwhelming number of sense-overloads; the smells, sounds and sights. Highlights included a sunset flower ceremony in Varanasi, sleeping the desert, browsing Jodpur’s markets, watching Bollywood films, the overnight sleeper trains, and, of course, Agra’s Taj Mahal.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back posting exciting new photography discoveries very soon!



  1. What an amazing place. Welcome back – glad you’re feeling better.

  2. SOrry to hear about your Blood poisoning, I hope you are all ok now. Your Pictures from India are great. I really like the one with the men lighting candles, do you know what it was for?

    • Hi there, yes, that one was taken in Varanasi in the waters of the Ghats, which happened to be flooded at the time. I was taking part in a flower ceremony. This entailed a special chant, then lighting the candles together before setting each one to float away gently on the holy waters, each lit flower held a personal wish as it was swept away into the distance.

  3. Anonymous

    Great pictures, and especially love the one of Varanasi. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Great pics and especially like the one of Varanasi. Glad you’re better now.

  5. Hello Dawn,
    It was a pleasure to see your images after all of this time. I particularly liked the Taj and the people on the steps. I hope you post more images so I and other readers can learn more about you.

  6. A J

    I liked Taj Mahal Photo and potrait of a Rajasthani man. Keep Well.

  7. Alexandra Martin

    Beautiful pictures…having a love for meditation, i love the idea of a special chant and flower ceremony…i think the image is evocative of a spiritual dimension..

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