The Salaryman Project: Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

Bruno Quinquet is a Tokyo based French photographer, finalist of this years’ London Festival of Photography prize (photo-film category).   In 2006, after a 20 years career as a recording engineer, Bruno started photography during a stay in Tokyo and decided not to go back to his native France. Since graduation from Tokyo Visual Arts Photography Department, he pursued his photography work in Japan. In 2011, Bruno established the improbable “Bureau d’Etudes Japonaises”. His work has  featured in Thames & Hudson’s book “Street Photography Now”.

© Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

The series “Salaryman Project” is an attempt to build mystery and poetry around the archetypal figure of the Japanese male office worker, aka salaryman. With the cycle of the seasons as a backdrop, the series explores images of masculinity, normality and anonymity in the Japanese capital.

To support his self published one-of-a-kind photo agenda, Bruno has initiated a crowdfunding campaign: click here to find out more.

© Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

© Bruno Quinquet

To visit Bruno’s website, click here.

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  1. Fabiana Costa

    Obra notável! Parabéns!

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