Day of the Dead: Ron O’Donnell

No Articles Beyond This Point, 2001 © Ron O’Donnell

My Girlfriend, 2000 © Ron O’Donnell

All Souls Day, 1999 © Ron O’Donnell

The Tango, 2000 © Ron O’Donnell

Ron O’Donnell is one of Scotland’s finest contemporary art-photographers. A highly individual talent, he has exhibited nationally and internationally and is collected by eminent institutions and discerning individuals throughout the world.  Renowned for his dazzling constructed and narrative photographs, he has created a body of work alive to the thrill of our hypermodern times.

Nite Johnboy, 2001 © Ron O’Donnell

D.I.Y. Cryogenics, 2000 © Ron O’Donnell

England 2 Scotland 0, © Ron O’Donnell

Live Forever 1, 2002 © Ron O’Donnell

Day of the Dead: ”I travelled to Mexico City with the British Council and fell in love with the concept of El Día de los Muertos where the dead come back to life for one day in the year, to walk the earth and be remembered by their loved ones to laugh and party. This project started with some workshops in the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, making two works on the theme of the dead and just continued on and on. All of the works are shot on 10×8 and are life size 3 dimensional sets, no Photoshop manipulations are used on these images.”

To view more of Ron O’Donnell’s work, visit his website here.

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