Top 10

Top 10 Famous Contemporary Photographers

By no means a definitive list of the only ten famous contemporary photographers out there, because that would be dumb, here’s a list of 10 photographers who sell well, who have been exhibited widely and whose names are generally quite well known in the ‘photography world’ – wherever that is.

I’m often contacted by photography enthusiasts and new photography students asking for recommendations of modern photographers; who to look out for, who to search for, that sort of thing. Helping to fill student research workbooks worldwide, no doubt. My answer is usually to hone your research skills and find your individual discoveries, and to get to a library. However, to get you started, you should know the 10 photographers listed below. By no means my top 10 (that’ll be another post), or even photographers who solely practice art photography, I do hope you enjoy the selection.

    1. David Bailey

2. Martin Parr

3. Rankin

4. Andreas Gursky

5. Richard Avedon

6. Annie Leibovitz

7. Jeff Wall

8. Sophie Calle

9. Stephen Shore

10. Cindy Sherman

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