Soliloquy: Jenny Lynn

Fish-Nets, Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Chemistry, Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Looking-Glass, Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Knife-Hand, Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Jenny Lynn is an accomplished photographic artist and designer, whose diverse range of work encompasses photographs, photograms, collage, and large-scale and dimensional installations. Her artwork is featured in many private, corporate, and museum collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography, and the Norton Museum of Art. In addition, her signature works, notably ABSOLUT LYNN (commissioned for the ‘Absolut Artists’ series), have been featured in Photo District News, The New Yorker, ZOOM International magazine, and on numerous book covers.

Jenny Lynn was born in Tampa, Florida, and raised outside Philadelphia. After studying painting and photography at the Tyler School of Art, she briefly pursued filmmaking at the New York University Graduate School of Film and Television. She originally established herself as a freelance photographer and designer in New York City, and later lived in Southern California before moving to Philadelphia, where she currently lives and works. Jenny Lynn exhibits regularly, and has taught and lectured at colleges, universities, and various professional organizations.

“Her work is reminiscent of the exquisite craft displayed by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical use of language, time, place, and imagination…”

William Larson, Noted Photographer and Educator

“Jenny Lynn’s work is preternaturally aware of the correspondences, oppositions, echoes and mazes that constitute our sense of visual reality. In the tradition of the Surrealists who’ve so inspired her, however, the occasional rhymes in her photographs are invariably oblique or inexact – the equivalent of slant rhymes in a poem….(H)er art is funny, precise, and deeply resonant, as if dream and reality had silently shaken hands and called a truce.”

– Richard Burgin, Noted Fiction Writer and Founder / Editor of Boulevard Magazine

Reverie, from Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Passage, from Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Veil, from Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Quarry, from Soliloquy © Jenny Lynn Photography

Jenny Lynn: about Soliloquy

These images are selections drawn from one of my earliest and most important bodies of work, Soliloquy, created 1976-1984. Many of the images are featured in my monograph, PhotoPlay, and several were shown in a recent group exhibition, Portraits of Women, at Jeannie Freilich Contemporary, in New York City.

The dictionary defines soliloquy as “a dramatic monologue that represents a series of unspoken reflections”, which describes this body of work quite well. I think of these images as spontaneously staged self-portraits, using models as stand-ins for myself. With these images, as with much of my work, I explore the relationship between gesture and meaning, object and subject, dream and reality, the personal and the universal. Drawing upon my backgrounds in painting, photography and film, I conceive of a scene, which can be inspired by anything: a dream, a movie, a memory. After gathering the elements of the photographs together – props, models, locations – I set the stage for my own “decisive moment” to occur, while remaining open to the chance occurences that happen during the creative process.

My process in making the photographs in Soliloquy was intuitive and low-tech. From the beginning of my career in photography, I embraced the square format camera and the use of natural or existing light. I like to compose and crop in-camera, and capture the final image in as few frames as possible. All of the photographs in this series were made on film, and have not been digitally altered in any way.

To see more of Jenny Lynn’s work, please visit

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