Cliché Verres & The Oxford Project: Peter Feldstein

cv-09-21, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

cv-10-100, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

Peter Feldstein received his M.A. & M.F.A in Art from the University of Iowa.  He taught courses in photography and digital imaging in the  UI School of Art & Art History for 32 years.  He has exhibited nationally for 45 years and has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Iowa Arts Council, and the Polaroid Corporation.  Since his retirement in 2005 he has collaborated with journalist Stephen G. Bloom, on their book, The Oxford Project, published by Welcome Books, NY, 2008, and distributed by Random House.  Besides working in his studio on several projects he is also about to begin work on a documentary film.

cv-10-64, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

cv-10-92, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

The thrust of my work has developed from the need to understand my place within both my micro (Oxford, Iowa) and macro (global) communities and from the desire to at least delay the inevitability of loss.  The photographs, drawings, digital drawings, and cliché verres provide an anchor for reflection upon, and hopefully understanding of, my place in the world.  It has been shaped by my interests in photography and mark-making that utilizes the media of painting, drawing, digital imaging, and printmaking.

cv-10-51, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

cv-10-52, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

cv-10-229, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

cv-10-109, Cliché Verres © Peter Feldstein

The Oxford Project: In 1984 I attempted to photograph everyone in Oxford, Iowa, where I had lived for eight years. I photographed 670 of my 676 neighbors and exhibited the images at the Oxford American Legion. I then put them away so that I could get back to my “real” work.

In 2006-07 I re-photographed 250 of the people whose portraits I made in 1984 and with journalist and author Steven G. Bloom, interviewed approximately 100 of them. Bloom wrote the interviews. The result is a book, The Oxford Project, published by Welcome Books, September, 2008 (distributed by Random House) and an exhibit.

To contact Peter and to see more of his work, visit his website here.

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