The alternative reality: Lynette Miller

Changing Axioms © Lynette Miller 2011

Circles of Confusion © Lynette Miller 2011

Photographer Lynette Miller: I’m interested in  the relationship between humans and technology, and how it can be articulated  through form and creative possibility. Mathematics is a way of describing objective reality with certainty. Mathematics and photography rely on careful observation of something that physically exists. But mathematical reasoning and the photographic image do have their limitations in describing what is known, unknown, and perhaps unknowable. My most recent work explores the limitations of both in expressing and understanding the sublime, transcendent, and mysterious.

Complexity of an Elegant Expression © Lynette Miller 2011

Circular Paradox © Lynette Miller 2011

It is my hope that digital integration of the quantifiable and external with the qualitative, inner experience might result in images that convey a greater truth. These images are part of a continuing investigation of how mechanistic ways of viewing the world fall short of our understanding of the natural world, resulting in a failure to recognize interdependence, unity – and our own connectedness – to the earth.

Incompossibility © Lynette Miller 2011

Neo-Platonist Illusion © Lynette Miller 2011

Universal Mechanics © Lynette Miller 2011

Probing Planes © Lynette Miller 2011

Lynette Miller received her MFA in Photography from SUNY Buffalo and taught darkroom photography at Niagara University before moving to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Her work explores alternative, innovative ways of creating and conceptualizing art, and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Lynette teaches photography at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, and maintains her studio in Black Mountain, NC. To see more of Lynette Miller’s work, visit her website here.

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