Conjuring Venice: Helen K. Garber

© Helen K. Garber 2011

© Helen K. Garber 2011

Conjuring Venice

Abbot Kinney was a visionary. After being inspired by his experience of Venice, Italy, he decided to use his vast fortune to create a similar city here. Chose the swampy low lying land of Venice rather than the better-situated Ocean Park to build a beautiful city surrounded by canals – designed for the cultured to enjoy.

I am conjuring that Venice here. Reminding you of Kinney’s original vision and how it has evolved. Our canals are once again a beautiful place after many years of neglect. Windward is still the heart of Venice Beach. Ocean Front Walk, a stationary carnival. It is hard not to feel good when surrounded by so many happy people.

© Helen K. Garber 2011

© Helen K. Garber 2011

Like Abbot Kinney, the heads of my Venetian neighbors are filled with dreams. They keep busy working to make those dreams become a reality. We support each other to keep moving forward and share the overwhelming need to create. Together we keep the spirit of Abbot Kinney alive.

© Helen K. Garber 2011

Archival inkjet prints on handmade paper, book pages from Ray Bradbury’s Death is a Lonely Business (noir novel set in Venice) reclaimed wood bookshelves from my Venice studio, beeswax, and twine from Venice Hardware. Together, the no longer valued elements create a new soul.

© Helen K. Garber 2011

Helen K. Garber is known for her night urban landscapes taken in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome and Venice, Italy.  Her images can be found in the permanent collection of museums, corporations and private collectors.

© Helen K. Garber 2011

© Helen K. Garber 2011

Encaustic Noir is her new series of mixed-media work incorporating antique wood from demolished buildings, pages from her library of gothic paperbacks, archival prints from her no longer needed portfolio books and twine encased in beeswax.  The first piece sold from this series was exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland in July 2011 and then become part of their permanent collection.

Urban Noir/LA – NY, a multi-media installation and formal exhibit was first presented at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, NY, in the fall of 2007.  Grammy nominated composer, John Beasley added an original score and the piece was presented live at the Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles in 2009. Urban Noir/L.A.-NY  was projected sixty feet wide at the Academy of Motion Picture Art & Sciences for their Oscar Noir Festival in 2010.

A Night View of Los Angeles, a 40-foot long, 360-degree panorama of the entire city of Los Angeles was commissioned for the 2006 International Biennale of Architecture in Venice, Italy.  A second print, exhibited at the front entrance of Photo LA, 2007 was used later as a surface for renowned Los Angeles graffiti artists to ceremoniously tag the entire city of Los Angeles at once.  Created as a statement to return art education in public schools, A Night View Collaboration has been displayed at local and international art fairs.

Helen’s work has been published in a number of books and international photo journals. She maintains a studio on Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach.

Urban Noir, an exhibit including assemblages from the Encaustic Noir  series and vintage night photography will be opening January 14, 2012 @ dnj Gallery, Santa Monica during Photo LA, the international photography show.

More information can be found via www.helenkgarber.com

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