Exhibition watch: Jane Calvin

Jane Calvin 7.9 – 20.11 2011

Autumn is approaching and with it comes a new exhibition at Museum Anna Nordlander in Skellefteå, Sweden.

Artist Jane Calvin has for almost 30 years investigated and questioned our modern society and its approach to gender, female identity, sexuality, love and desire. In fragmented images, dreamlike scenes composed in her studio, Jane Calvin talks to the viewer at the crossroads between visual and verbal communication.

With borrowed pieces from advertising, popular culture and the big cities’ significant neon lights Jane Calvin highlights how language and images either can complement or compete with each other. These are images of people in a turbulent world, trying to find their own identity whilst they’re bombarded with influences from the outside that are more than willing to tell us how we would or should live our lives. – I make photographs, I don’t take them, Jane Calvin says. I am a maker of meaning, not an observer of it.

Her work isn’t easily compared with traditional photography as she starts off with the process of building room sized stages to which images and text are projected. The final result is captured by the camera, so even if her final medium is photography her work also consists of techniques like sculpture and installation.

Jane Calvin (f. 1938) has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has participated in numerous exhibitions both in North America and Asia. Her works are represented in public collections like The Polaroid International Collection, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago and Fine Arts Museum, University of Wisconsin. She has been a Professor of Photography at The School of The Art Institute, Illinois Institute of Technology, Beloit College, and Columbia College, Chicago.

The exhibition at Museum Anna Nordlander is Jane Calvin’s first solo exhibition at a European museum. Representatives from the media are welcomed to view the exhibition Tuesday 6 September 1:00 pm.

Opening Wednesday 7 September 7.00 pm in the presence of the artist.

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