Photographer spends $500,000 on 10MP sensor

Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot

Digital photography nuts often salivate over lenses, filters, lighting – and, of course, the all-important sensor. Professional and budding photographers alike may well spoil themselves by shelling out a few hundred quid on a new accessory, but how about spending nearly half a million quid for a 10MP sensor? That’s just what Mitchell Feinberg did.

”A professional photographer by the name of Mitchell Feinberg, who happens to own the world’s largest digital sensor. He uses the $500,000 custom-built 8×10-inch camera back to help capture mouthwatering advertising stills for couture clients like Bulgari and Vogue. What’s really loco, though, is that the sensor is only 10MP, which isn’t remotely sufficient for printable art.

‘Instead, Feinberg puts it to work as a replacement for Polaroid; grabbing full-size test snaps during a shoot before reverting to an old-fashioned sheet of 8×10 film for the final money-shot. Whereas he previously spent $50k per year on Polaroid stock, now he spends nothing. So, unlike those silly blue-tinted Ray-Bans we bought for our vacation, this block of light-receptive love should eventually pay for itself.”


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