Stars that Shine

Eppalock Startrails

I’m delighted to feature Flickr-find Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison (also known as Harry).

I’m a huge fan of long-shutter exposure photography. With a certain magic to be found in capturing a single moment on film (or SD card) there’s something even more magical about seeing the result of a series of moments that lay still. There’s movement in seemingly immobile moments.

While my futile experiments often incorporate 50 second -or even, wait for it, 200 second-exposures on Bulb mode, my childish grin of satisfaction is soon eclipsed by photographs such as Lincoln’s. Forget seconds – some of the images in his Startrails set took over 12 hours worth of shots to complete:

Dawn Startrails

Dead Tree Stars

Eppalock Startrails #2


Ravenswood Rockstars

Thanks for sharing your work, Lincoln. Do check out his Flickr page here.


  1. Brilliant. I love that he achieves this through “traditional” photography methods not through post-processing. Seems that photography is dividing into traditional and graphic-oriented techniques more and more. These gives me such pleasure to look at.

  2. I’m even more thrilled by the awesome colours than the captured movements.

  3. A J

    Very Nice. They seem to me out of the world.

  4. Thanks for introducing us to these beautiful photographs. I’ve found several impressive Australian nature photographers recently. I imagine we don’t hear more about them because Australia is so remote and has such a small population for such a large land.

    Steve Schwartzman

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