breath of fresh air: sculpture exhibition

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

I had the pleasure of attending the biennial Fresh Air 2011 sculpture exhibition currently being held in the garden and grounds of Cotswolds’ Quenington Old Rectory, Gloucestershire, UK.

With a wide range of modern site-specific sculpture from local, regional and international fine artists this exhibition offers far more than your average garden wood carvings and tacky shiny fountain ornaments. The pieces are crafted with purpose, skill and, if you’re not into the ‘meaning’ of art, simply provide wonderfully engaging aesthetics.

From a water vibration piece that produces intermittent vibrations beneath sections of water to make temporary patterns to life-size Matisse inspired wire dancers, the mix of modern and traditional creates a unique sculpture experience.

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

What sets this exhibition off though is the setting. I can’t help thinking each sculpture would lose energy if it were placed in white-walled gallery space. Held among acres of manicured gardens, ponds and wild flora (there’s even a floating duck hotel), wandering around the pieces proved to be surprisingly uplifting.

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

Fresh Air 2011 Exhibiton ©dawnschuck

It’s on until Sunday 10th of July; entry costs £2.50 per person (b.a.r.g.a.i.n). Cheap coffee and cake is also available; always a plus. If you can make it, do.


  1. This exhibition looks beautiful. Too bad I can’t come by to see it myself.

    I love the gold coloured face, the photo you took of it too, interesting composition.

    I’m also trying to imagine how the complete shoe thing looks. :)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photographs; it’s such a photogenic place.

      The shoe-thing was very quirky – it was around 8 feet high, each ‘shoe’ was suspended on a 6-feet circular structure. Basically, a great big baby’s mobile! Can’t help but think the artist has a passion for shoes, perhaps?

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