news: Vanessa Winship wins HCB award

Photographer: Vanessa Winship

The British Journal of Photography has announced the winner of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Award 2011. The award aims to ‘stimulate a photographer’s creativity by offering the opportunity to carry out a project that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. ‘

Congratulations to the immensely talented British photographer Vanessa Winship who has won the HCB €30,000 grant to fund her upcoming American photographic project. Held every two years from 1988, Winship is the first woman to receive the renowned HCB Award.

No stranger to recognition, Winship has already established herself as a fine art photographer with ambition: she won a World Press Photo Prize for her Sweet Nothing series, in addition to winning a prize awarded by the National Portrait Gallery and she gained a Sony World Photography Award back in 2008.

Her combination of using a documentary angle with personal insight create profound and interesting images; check out her series Sweet Nothings and Schwarzes Meer.

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